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“If you see a problem, fix it.”

So you want to have a child, my son, you want to have a child.

But you still have not made your own life, you are younger than the child.

And you know, you know, what it means when your dad is gone, for you had to settle for a substitute.

But he is/was a good man you say, but not, no, not the real one.

But, you say, my love, her mom and I can give the love that any child needs.

And I, your Dad says...(well, you know what comes next.)

“Amelia, Amelia, I just met a child named Amelia

And all at once the world I new was forever gone,

for in an empty space was now poetry, beauty and song.”

My son, my son you are growing and this growth is beautiful

but it takes time to grow

and for people to know

And you have grown beyond my wildest dreams,

and it makes MY life worthwhile.

The following is one of the most amazing stories I have ever read.

TIME Magazine about "Kid of the Year"

Jolie: You’ve said that kindness is a choice. How can people make that choice?

Orion: We can’t force others to be kind, but we can be kind ourselves and hope to inspire other people. So many people have great ideas but never act on them. I want others to know that they can start today. If there’s an issue or problem you want to solve, all it takes is just knowing deep down that it’s something you care about.

Jolie: You really have a gift for sharing warmth and kindness. Do you ever feel overwhelmed or sad when you see people who are unkind?

Orion: Absolutely. One thing about being kind is that you perk up when you hear other people being unkind, or when you hear about people who aren’t doing the right thing. And it makes you sad inside. I hope that by spreading kindness, I can inspire people to change their ways and be more kind in the future.

Jolie: It feels better to be kind, doesn’t it?

Orion: Yes. Kindness can be as easy as not being mean to someone, not talking behind their back or posting that mean comment on social media. That’s what kindness can be. It can just be as simple as not being cruel.

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