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III ~ Why?

Doing What‘s Next

It is December 2020 and America is divided into two bastions of beliefs and the new president says he wants to unite us. But each group is adament that it is right. And there are a host of problems beyond this but there is a question that puzzzles me. I have spent years trying to find the answer, because the answer will tell me why I photograph.

My photographs are of the hidden parts of nature, the stream you drive by on the waay to work and never notice it. The forest that is practically in your lap because the Massachusetts Turnpike was built in hilly country and valleys were often filled putting you close to the tree canopy, something that is very rare and giving the opportunity to see a forest in a very unusual way. Below is an example from Weston, Massachusetts taken from the guard rail on the Pike at rush hour in early spring. It is followed by a photograph of the same trees later in the spring.

Early Buds on Maple Trees I
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