Including Portfolios of Previously Unpublished Work

Welcome to my collection of photographic images The Hidden World of the Nearby

The title represents my experience of finding images hidden in unexpected places. It also suggests the extraordinary details and textures I have found in landscapes and flowers as well as the sculptural shapes in musical instruments. These reveal themselves more in larger prints, and when you approach them closely (sometimes reading glasses are necessary).

Spring Flowers

Interstate Highway 90, Weston, Massachusetts
May 1981, cat. JW 0013

When I began photographing I visited many iconic places, especially in the national parks of the west, but found that so much of it had been photographed so often that to do something unusual would require that I live there.

So I began exploring closer to home and found this image, Spring Flowers, in a maple swamp along the interstate highway known locally as the Massachusetts Turnpike (or more generally as The Mass Pike). The highway had been built over a filled valley and gave me a view into the treetops from only a few feet away. This kind of view is almost impossible to find and I became hooked on the pointillistic nature of trees budding in springtime. I photographed on the Pike primarity in two locations. All but a handful of the landscapes I made with a 4" x 5" view camera. The flower images were photographed with a high-end Sony digital camera. I make all the prints myself.

Throughout this web site I try to expand on how I work and on the experiences I have had. The next page shows thumbnails of each category of image which then takes you to the associated gallery when you click on it. I hope you enjoy viewing the images.

All the images are for sale as prints up to 44" in the short dimension by 10' long on various photographic materials. Visit the section on printing for more information.

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