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Dreamed Brook

I WAS FORTUNATE IN THAT TWO OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STREA,MS I have ever seen were within a few miles of my home. The Sudbury River happens to pas under a very busy bridge about 3 miles from my home. I think the best image is the first i this gallery. It was taken exactly at sunrise right when a storm was clearing. The water was calm and reflected the clouds beautifully. The threes had not yet come into leaf and showed bright colors and, most important of all, the sun was just breaking through the clouds directly behind me and illuminating the trees perfectly.

I visited this particular place on the Sudbury River often, and I marvel that it was the main road into town yet I never saw one person stop to look. However, because it was so close to my home I could visit often. Visiting often is especially important when there are no icons or iconic views since the images I found often disappeared within minutes of my photographing them.

Beaver Brook was perhaps even more important and I write about it in a section called HIDDEN WORLDS.

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