Walden - lightsongfineart

MY WIFE WORKED FOR THE STATE PARKS DEPARTMENT.  One of her colleagues suggested that I go to Walden Pond, which was managed by this department. So following my experience I went in the early spring of 1991. There was little to photograph except some beautiful moss covered roots on the path encircled the Pond. So I forgot Walden for the remainder of the spring and all of the summer. Then on October 19, 1991, a Saturday,  one afternoon I was roaming around the Weston Overlook when I remembered Walden.

From Massachusetts Highway 126, Walden Pond looked ordinary. It is a kettle hole pond about 100 feet deep and about 43 acres in area. The path encircled the pond,  was very popular and somewhat worn (and so a constant struggle for Mass. DEM to keep it looking natural). Nevertheless, it was the only place to walk so I put my camera gear on my back and started to hike.

Sunset Through Red Leaves, Walden Pond I
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