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IN 1980 I FOUND A VIEW from the Pike in Weston, Massachusetts (click above). I had scoured the Pike from Route 128 (I-95, Boston's inner ring road) to as far west as I could find good views. But far the best was from the overpass by which one entered the Pike to travel east toward Boston. The satillite view shows the location from which I photographed. 

The extraordinary advantage of this location depends on several things: 1) I am about even with the tree canopy but close to it, something that rarely happens except when a road passes over a valley; 2) the trees are beautiful species; 3) I am facing east into the rising sun so the trees are back lit; 4) there is a vernal pool to provide water for fog and mists. I am not aware of any other location that has these qualities. And, of course, a place to park, here either the commuter lot on the northen side of the highway or (once  the Turnpike Police got to know me) under the overpass. As with all locations, repeat visits make all the difference.

THE SECOND PHOTOGRAPH  shows what I see if I aim my camera just a little north.

My first visits were satisfying, but as with so many things, repeating brings good luck.

Then on May 5th 1983 I paid one of my regular visits. I had seen the orange/yellow mist as I drove by to park. As I climbed back up to the top of the ramp the thought that ran threw my head was simply "don't screw it up."

Most photographs require work. This one (number 6 in the order below) was a gift. I photographed for about 45 minutes varying only slightly my position and the composition until the sun burned off the mist.

I had 15 good compositions but only in two did the mist arrange itself in a perfect way. The next photograph, Spring Sunrise III, I made on May 7, 1985. It is exactly of the same trees as Spring Sunrise I to the left.December 15, 1991 was in the middle of a great ice storm. The trees are the same as those in the photograph to the left.

For the last picture in this series, made in the fall of 191, I stood in the same place as all the others, but looked west. There was morning fog there also,  but orange and green leaves from oak trees. Printed on water-color paper at 32" x 40" it hangs in the foyer or my home, and in the home a two clients in Finland.

Click on the photographs to enlarge them. Click on the arrow to the right for a short full screen slide show.

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