I presume a photographer should not have favorites, just as a father with a large family should feel equally about each offspring.

However, it is inevitable that certain images are either just what I had in mind, or surprise me with something I had never imagined. The second image, Ice Follies, is a perfect example. I had overlooked it in my first pass at printing and came upon it during my current review of several thousand transparencies in the course of deciding what to keep.

There are other examples, but I will keep them to myself lest one of the images get wind of my preferences. This is, however, a pretty good bunch. However, Spring Sunrise I (0037) has sold out its edition so is not available. The other image that has sold out its edition is Dreamed Brook (0181). However, a beautiful alternative is available now because we have Photoshop to remove several power lines.

Fall Morning
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