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JOHN WAWRZONEK~Images from The Hidden World of the Nearby


    Three of the four groups of photographs are of the pond or were made within a few feet of Walden pond. The "outliers" were made within a mile or so of the pond and are all closely related to Thoreau's writings.

    The most stunning views, (one of which is shown on this page) are of a plant called a "water-shield" that grew in the vernal pool known as Wyman's Meadow.

    The red line labeled path is a portion of the path that encircles the pond. The closed green line encircles Wyman's Meadow. When the weather is good there is almost a constant stream of people on the path encircling the pond. The site of Thoreau's cabin is about 250 feet from the left side of the path.The yellow circle is who I made most of my pictures of water-shilds.

    I visited this site for the next 10 years and it never again looked as brilliant as on this day in October 1991.

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