A POND IN NEW HAMPSHIRE - lightsongfineart

John Wawrzonek  images from The Hidden World of the Nearby

It feels redundant to say that all my photographs are a surprise. However, all these were part of a rather large surprise.

I had been photographing further north in New Hampshire and was intending to drive home, when I started to feel that I needed to do more that day. So I took the next exit off I-93 and intended to head "inland" which meant east along whichever road was there. Instead as I drove though the maze of roads around the exit I passed this small pond, perhaps a half mile from the Interstate.

There was so much variety between the water lilies, leaves, pine needles, reflections, all over the very dark water that I spent the next three or so hours choosing among  hundreds or perhaps even thousands of possible compositions. 

Unfortunately there were no signs, and I forgot to note the exit number. I presumed I could find the pond from satellite photographs, but so far I have not been able to. I know it is south of Plymouth, but other than that it is "a pond in New Hampshire." And I think probably rarely noticed.


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