GRASSES - lightsongfineart

MY INTEREST IN GRASSES (actually salt marshes) predates my experience with the trees on the Mass.Pike.

I am not sure where they first caught my eye, but early in my shooting I spent many afternoons in the marshes in Swanze, Massachusetts just of I-190, and although the textures were interesting, nothing captivasted me.

I went looking north of Boston in Ipswich on Arguila Road which led to Crane Beach. On the north side of the road the sway of the salt grass was unusually beautiful and I returned several times.

Then on October 22, 1983 I found a composition I particularly liked. But what made it work was that the sun was about to set and it just grazed the tops of the waves. The result was Salt Marsh Just Before Sunset (JW 0065),The warm light of the sun combined with the amazing variety of colors in the grass (visible in JW 0064) made it the photograph I was looking for. And although I photographed grasses every year, it was some time before I came back to the salt marsh and it was this same one near Crane Beach.

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