FERNS, MILKWEED - lightsongfineart

I TRY TO AID THE PROCESS OF INSTALLATION. by offering flexibility in presentation. For example nearly all my images be divided into diptychs, triptychs and panoramics.


If you wish to purchase and would like help in visualizing an installation, just send me a picture (iPhone is fine) of where the print would go (if possible, have nothing hanging there when to take the picture) and I will put in what ever picture you wish and e-mail the result back to you.

You may specify custom crops, size, etc. Or I will propose a size (or sizes) and send that on to you.

SIZES ARE ONLY LIMITED by the maximum width of paper my printer can accommodate which i 44". The largest print I have made so far is MelangĂ© No, (see an actual installation under flowers) with an image area of 40" x 115". The length limit was imposed by the maximum size of  mounting board available. Canvases could be made larger.

Budding Trees at Sunrise I
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