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John Wawrzonek  images from The Hidden World of the Nearby



John Wawrzonek was born in Central Falls, Rhode Island in 1941. He received S.B., S.M., and E.E. degrees in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He began photographing while working in engineering and marketing at Bose Corporation in Framingham, Massachusetts. He was part of the start-up group at Bose and led its acoustic engineering, advertising and marketing efforts for several years as well as developing electronic systems for NASA. Largely self-taught in photography, Wawrzonek started photographing under the guidance of Bela Kalman and studied briefly with Stephen Gersh of the Essex Photographic Workshop and Lauren Shaw of Emerson College. He also studied dye transfer printing with William Butler. John has extensive experience in fine art printing beginning in 1978 with making dye transfer prints. He continued dye transfer printing until 1993 when Kodak stopped making the materials. Following dye transfer John became CEO of EvercColor Fine Art specializing in unique pigment-transfer archival prints. EverColor continued operation until the mid-1990s when Agfa also discontinued the necessary materials used in the EverColor process. Today John prints on an Epson 9900 archival ink jet (gigclée) 10-color printer. With 36 years experience in fine-art printing John’s prints are among the finest made today. The Boston Globe described John as a “virtuoso” for the quality of his work, comparing him to the finest musicians of the 20th century. He is also an accomplished classical pianist. John operates his own fine art publishing company, LightSong® Fine Art, in Northborough, Massachusetts where he resides with his wife and son.



Henry David Thoreau, Walking, 55 photographs by John Wawrzonek, The Nature Company, Berkeley, 1993 (seven printings)

Henry David Thoreau, The Illuminated Walden, 62 photographs by John Wawrzonek, text edited by Dr. Ronald A. Bosco, Suny, Albany, Friedman/Fairfax, New York (for Barnes & Noble, two printings), 2002

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