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1. The work is accessed by clicking on GALLERIES which leads to a page with one image representing each gallery.

2. Click on an image to go to its gallery. Clicking on an image in a gallery will give you a large version of the image.

3. Many galleries have slide shows. Clicking on the double arrows
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4. Not all images have titles and/or captions. All can be identified by their six digit catalogue numbers.

Dye Transfer Prints

From 1978 until 1994 I made my prints by the DYE TRANSFER PROCESS which for many decades was considered the ultimate in color printing processes and is still considered so by many.

It was not until 2005 that digital printing became acceptable and that is how I print now.

As I prepare my photographic work for a permanent home I am making available for sale the last of the dye transfer prints that will not be included in my archive.

Click on DYE TRANSFER PRINTS for a list and prices.

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